Apr 20, 2024
How to polish chrome

Chrome polish is often used on hot surfaces and in hot environments and most metal polishes will go grey when heated. If the metal polish has regular waxes, or enhancers in it, then this polish will probably dull as soon as the temperature of the item exceeds 180° F. which is the melting point of Carnauba on chrome exhaust systems, stainless steel exhausts and titanium exhaust systems. It should never be necessary to wax chrome as waxes can make chrome hazy and the beauty of chrome needs to shine through……. so you need to use a chrome cleaner that does the job properly.

If your chrome has little blisters on the surface it’s probably due for re plating. Another sign that the chrome is deteriorating is little gold flecks appearing in the sublayer. This is the nickel breaking up beneath the chrome to reveal the copper base layer.

Polishing and cleaning chrome and custom chrome can be both therapeutic and rewarding especially when you are using a good quality chrome polish. Many custom, classic, modern motorcycles and cars have chrome which should be looked after properly and the best way to do this is to use a recognized chrome polishing product, that cleans effectiently and protects chrome surfaces.

Nickel is often used under the hood of older vehicles too. Nickel has something a little different to chrome – when polished properly the yellow tint of nickel makes it blaze in the sun! Nickel is also regaining favor in the automotive industry, basically because modern nickels are being combined with phosphorous and cobalt to produce harder finishes and many custom car & motorcycle accessories that look like chrome are actually nickel alloys.

About Our Chrome Polish

When your chrome is new or as new chrome metal surfaces should be polished with the finest abrasives possible, or it will show scratches. Badly burned and blued exhaust pipes should be polished with a harsher cutting product like our Briliant Metal Polish and restorer to get it back into shape and remove the bluing and then it should be polished with a fine polish, we recommend our Hot Chrome Environment Polish to really bring up chrome surfaces to a beautiful lustre. However, with chrome bumpers, nose Cones and grilles, they are often dull due to pitting from road grit. Pitting can often be removed by hand, but a professional buffing machine together with our chrome polish will restore these chrome surfaces back to beautiful condition.

Our chrome polish is a liquid and offers significant advantages over ” tubes of polishing pastes ” these tubes of polish dry out, get trodden on and contents wasted and they are often very abrasive, leave white marks and scratches on fine chrome which over a longer period can even remove your chrome.

Briliant chrome polish is easy to use, cleans a larger surface area than other polishes and does not leave white marks or residue behind and will polish out scratches that most polishing pastes leave behind. As our customers can testify the depth of shine and longevity of our chrome polish is almost legendary amongst car & motorcycle enthusiasts.

How to use our Chrome Cleaner

To get the best results from our chrome polish use a good quality polishing cloth, we use lint free clothes ourselves which we also sell, these cloths provide outstanding cleaning performance and can be washed and re used many, many times. You only need a small drop of Briliant chrome polish to achieve briliant results and our customers willingly testify to the fact that this chrome polish goes a very long way. When polishing chrome it’s always best to polish a small area at a time which you can leave to dry or wipe off when you are ready. Many of our customers who use polishing mops, simply apply the metal polish to the area to be polished and leave to dry or then apply the mop to this area and then the mop soaks up the polish and goes EVEN further than polishing by hand.

Once you are happy with the briliant results you have achieved,  apply a light water mist ( ultra fine spray ) to your chrome and finish buffing with a good quality micro fiber cloth / micro fiber polishing pad. This seals both metals and waxes and helps reduce water stains from rain and condensation.

Who Benefits from our Chrome Polish

Many customers belong to car & motorcycle clubs of one description or another and when a club member finds an exceptional briliant chrome polishing product like ours they recommend this to fellow members, relatives and information about our polish is added to their club forums to tell others of their good experience with Briliant polishing products. Not many museum’s ever recommend a polishing product and that’s why we are truly unique as briliant polishes are used to protect classic vehicles in such diverse places as The National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, National Railway Museum,York, Nick gale custom motorcycles, Hall & Hall Historic racing, Rolls Royce owners club, Honda Goldwing owners club, Harley Davidson owners club see testimonial page. To get the most benefit from any metal polish one has to look at ease of use, depth and longevity of shine and value for money, when all of these variables are taken into account the Briliant chrome polish is efficient, cost effective, achieves a briliant shine and is unrivalled as the chrome polish of choice throughout the polishing world.

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